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10 Things to Consider Before Choosing A Wedding Venue In Tuscany

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The best wedding venues in tuscany

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here are 10 things you should consider before choosing a wedding venue in tuscany

The city of hills, beaches, art, history, villages, vineyards, delicious food, and wine, Tuscany has it all. The picture-perfect destination is rich in history and culture and has every wall with a story behind it. But in a city full of dreamy and beautiful places, it may be difficult for you to decide where to celebrate your wedding ceremony. To help you decide on a wedding venue, we have compiled the 10 things you should consider before choosing a wedding venue in Tuscany.

Table of contents

  1. 10 Things to Consider Before Choosing A Wedding Venue In Tuscany
    1. Choose the dates accordingly
    2. Type of wedding you want
    3. Hire a wedding planner
    4. Guest capacity
    5. Venue package and cost
    6. Venue timings
    7. Venue type
    8. Payment schedule
    9. Backup for weather conditions
    10. Discount and offers
  2. Best wedding venues in Tuscany of all possible locations or categories
    1. Villa Venues
    2. Seaside Venues
    3. Castle Venues

Choose the dates accordingly

The first and most important thing to consider before booking the venue is your wedding dates. If you have chosen, the dates of a peak Italian wedding season, i.e., between May and September, then you may face difficulty in booking a venue of your choice. For your dream venue, you will have to book the venue at least 12 months in advance. Or, if you haven’t finalized the dates but have your eyes set on a venue, you can ask them for the booking availability calendar, then choose your dates accordingly. 

Type of wedding you want

Before choosing a wedding venue, it is important to consider the type of wedding you want. Whether you want a civil legally binding wedding or a symbolic ceremony, as for civil weddings town halls cannot be booked a year advance. Many venues in Tuscany also arrange civil weddings, so you need to look up the venues that offer it. 

Hire a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner will save you a lot of hassle. From deciding the venue to its booking, legal procedures and paperwork, and booking the other vendors, a wedding planner will lessen the burden of wedding preparation. They will also help you stick to the budget by providing you with the best options according to the budget, and they will also help you with the language barrier. 

Guest capacity

Another main thing to consider before booking a venue is your guest capacity. Every venue has a maximum guest capacity which is an important thing to ask before the booking. Many people book large spaces to give an intimate look but have a small number of guests coming over and vice versa. Either way, it creates a problem, leading to an excess in the budget. So make sure to make a rough guest list before booking the venue. 

Venue package and cost

Comparing the costs of different venues according to your budget or if the venue costs are somewhat the same, then considering the packages and the other facilities included in the cost might help you choose the venue. So ask them what is included in the cost, and whether there will be an additional cost in some amenities or facilities, like food, beverages, decoration, crockery and glassware, music, and arrangements and winding up.   

Venue timings

The traditional Italian weddings are mostly held during the day and the celebration does not proceed through the evening and night for dance and music. So if you have late-night plans, then it is better to ask till what time is the venue accessible for the ceremony and celebration and then plan for live music and book any musician and band.

Venue type

Tuscany has a variety of options to offer you, from its exquisite countryside villas and hotels to beautiful fairytale castles and beach venues. You should first decide which type of venue do you want so that it gets easier for you to shortlist the venues from a single category instead of all. You can decide it on your reception preference, based on the number of guests, accommodation, accessibility, in general, what seems convenient. 

Payment schedule

The main thing which most people think is not important to consider is the payment schedule. It will help you manage your budget according to the cost required to pay an advance payment, and also you’ll know the time required to make the further payments. Also, it’s better to ask about the cancellation or refund policy, in case any unusual circumstances occur to avoid any mishaps in the end. 

Backup for weather conditions

Weather can be unpredictable in Tuscany. If you have planned an outdoor wedding and it rains that day, it can ruin your day. To avoid any such last-minute mishaps, it’s better to confirm that the venue has a backup plan, such as an indoor space for rainy days or any harsh weather conditions. If not, then you will have to book a marquee at some other place. So you should think twice before planning for an outdoor wedding and if you are happy with the backup plan. 

Discount and offers

The maximum wedding investment goes into venue booking. So if you have a restricted budget and have no option to drag it, then look for venue options in midweek rather than a weekend or holidays. Also, as May to September are the peak wedding seasons in Tuscany, venues offer discounts and packages in the months other than these, especially in winters. You can avail yourself of the discounts and offers in the low seasons and stick to your budget. 

to help you choosing your wedding venue in tuscany

We decided to compile the best locations of each type of venue

We hope you find the wedding venue of your dreams.

Villa Venues

Tuscany is known for its beautiful country villas. The luxurious private villas with breathtaking views and locations are perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony. Here are some of the top wedding villas that may be perfect for your dreamy wedding

Wedding Venue In Tuscany - Villa Cetinale


The 17th-century baroque style villa on the hills of Sienna, surrounded by the most beautiful gardens of Italy, villa cetinale is the perfect destination for the people who love art, history, and ancient architecture. The villa gives you an option for both outdoor settings in the beautiful gardens and also the indoor marquee decorated with fairy lights, chandelier, and green trails giving it a royal look. The villa has 13 bedrooms which accommodate 23 adults and 3 kids. Book this historic villa now and make your wedding a historic one for your guests.

© villa cetinale


A magnificent 15th-century villa situated just a few miles from Florence, villa mangiacane is set on a hill and surrounded by 600 acres of lush green olive groves and vineyards. Indulged in history, elegance, and art, the villa serves as a picture-perfect backdrop for wedding portraits. They have experience of arranging high-profile and celebrity weddings, so you can be stress-free as they will do a great job with the arrangements. Book villa mangiacane now and celebrate your wedding with the most delicious wines of Italy.

© Villa Mangiacane

Wedding Venue in Tuscany - Villa La Foce

val d'orcia

Villa la Foce lies on the hills, overlooking a beautiful valley of southern Tuscany, Val d'Orcia, giving stunning views to enjoy. The wedding ceremony is mostly arranged in the famous Italian gardens of villa la foce, which gives breathtaking views of Val d’Orcia valley and Amiata mountains. You can also book the accommodation as they provide options for small apartments and free-standing farmhouses, each with a private pool and garden. Book villa la foce for a perfect backdrop for your wedding portraits and videos.

© Villa la Foce

Seaside Venues

Are you a sea lover and have always dreamt of having your wedding ceremony at the seaside? Tuscany can make your dreams come true with its beautiful Mediterranean beaches and stretched coastlines of Versilia, Etruscan, and Maremma. So let’s look at some of the beautiful seaside venues in Tuscany, and you will be awestruck.

Wedding Venue in Tuscany - Hotel Hermitage

island of elba

A five-star hotel located on the romantic Elba island in the heart of the Tuscan archipelago, Hotel Hermitage offers you a dreamy destination for your wedding. You can choose to exchange your vows at the private chapel of the Madonna dell’Uva surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean gardens while enjoying the sounds of the calming ways of biodolo beach or you can also choose a terrace overlooking the biodolo beach. The place also offers three big dining rooms for your guests to enjoy the feast. So book Hotel Hermitage now to have your dreamy fairytale wedding by the seaside.

© Hotel Hermitage

Wedding Venue in Tuscany - GalliaPalace

punta alba

Another dreamy place in Tuscany, in the vicinity of breathtaking Punta Alba and situated in the lush green Mediterranean bushes, Gallia palace can be the place you have been looking for your wedding. The Tyrrhenian coastline facing the islands of the Tuscan archipelago or the green hills located behind the resort can be the perfect spot for your wedding arrangements. Along with it, your guests cannot have a single dull moment as the place has a spa, golf club, wellness center, and a private beach for water sports. Book Gallia palace beach golf and spa resort for the ultimate experience for you and your guests.

© Gallia palace

Wedding Veue in Tuscany - La coste dei Barbari

val d'orcia

Tuscany’s city of carnival, Viareggio, has an exclusive place for a wedding at the beach. Being photographers, we have witnessed that LA COSTA DEI BARBARI is one of the dreamiest location. It’s a municipal house that allows you to celebrate your civil or religious wedding easily by the sea as they provide you the facility of a wedding manager who helps in all the procedures of paperwork on the site and also helps you meet the best vendors for the arrangements.

© La Costa dei Barbari

Castle Venues

Have you been dreaming of fairytale weddings since childhood while reading fairytale stories? Your dream of fairytale weddings can come true in the beautiful, ancient, royal castles of Tuscany. Here we have compiled the best castles in Tuscany for your wedding.

Wedding Venue in Tuscany - Castello di Meleto

near sienna and florence

Located in the heart of the chianti classic region, near Sienna and Florence, Castello di Meleto has a very powerful history of weddings as the wedding ceremony of Alberto Ridolfi's daughter Lucrezia and, in 1852, Baron Bettino's daughter Elisabetta was held at this place. Your ceremony can be arranged in the Melento garden, terraces that overlook chianti hills, the Gardino Della Villa, or in a ballroom of the castle. The castle has a large space for lunch and dinner, dancing, and then relaxation in the furnished rooms. Book the historic Castello di Meleto now, for your fairytale experience.

© Castello di Meleto

Wedding Venue in Tuscany - Castello di Vincigliata


One of the most famous and exclusive wedding venues in Italy, Castello di Vincigliata is located a few kilometers away from Florence. The beautiful and cozy garden courtyards are the most famous area for a wedding set up at this place during warm seasons. The best part is that the castle specifically has an indoor setup, i.e., a winter garden for plan B in case of harsh weather. The well-furnished interior rooms with antique decoration and paintings can also be used for feasts or celebrations. The guests can stroll around the courtyards and terraces and enjoy the splendid views of Florence. Make your wedding memorable at one of the most famous wedding venues in Italy.

© Castello di Vincigliata

Wedding Venue In Tuscany - Vicchiomaggio


A fairytale wedding venue lies in the hills of Chianti, offering a romantic backdrop for your wedding photos. Surrounded by vineyards, hills, and the Tuscan countryside, you can have any kind of wedding at this place, be it civil or religious, as the castle also has a catholic church for the catholic wedding. The place offers both an indoor and outdoor setup. The wedding setup is usually arranged in the Renaissance garden, and the dinner is held at the luxurious banquet hall. The venue also consists of a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, and vineyards and gives splendid views of Val di Greve valley to enjoy.

© Castello di Vicchiomaggio

Wedding Venue In Tuscany - Villa Cetinale

These are the wedding venues in Tuscany that we found worth mentioning.

We hope it helps you find your dream wedding venue and ends your venue search here. if you're on the search for the best wedding photographers in tuscany, you'r hustle ends right here. just say hello and we will take care of the rest.

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