Where to find your perfect wedding dress for your Wedding in Malta

A bridal store in Valletta which has everything you will ever need for your dream wedding

Malta has everything you need for your wedding.

Malta opened the borders and we flew 4 days afterwards. We definitely wanted to have a little pre-honeymoon before our official one next year. We’re adventurous at heart and fell in love with Malta from the very first moment.

The people are amazing, the weather is a dream, you’ve got so much italian vibes that you feel roaming Italian streets sometimes. So after a few lazy days we came up with a brilliant idea. How about shooting something our future brides can look into, searching for information about Wedding Dresses in Malta. And that’s the reason why we’ve contacted Markita from Weddingbells Valletta and beautiful Merve.

Where should we start? We all experienced rough weeks and months. Not knowing how their wedding would be like under these uncertain circumstances, many had to postpone their wedding to next year. Same here. It just didn’t feel right, so we trusted our gut feeling saying ‚Next Year will definitely be better!‘

Everything was already set up. Our Wedding.
And our honeymoon. So we went for it!

Bridal Gowns & Accessoires for the perfect Wedding in Malta

WEDDINGBELLS first opened its doors on the 17th of February 1997 with, surprising, only 12 bridal gowns to sell. Since then Markita, the owner of this stunning Bridal Boutique, has advised thousands of brides searching for their dream wedding dress - Her adorable smile, the contagious energy, her honest suggestions and her lovely humor makes you feel at home. That’s what we can say. Just look at Julie. She’s in heaven.

How beautiful is that little skirt for your flower girl? Just look at that floral lace with these five handmade flowers on top of it. So, what did we say in the beginning? It’s a one stop shop for your needs as a bride designing the Perfect Wedding in Malta.

Moreover, in the case of Malta, you will step into a place with 7000 years of history which gave us huge inspirations for our Bridal Editorial Shoot in Valletta, which boasts no less than 320 monuments, all housed within walking distance of each other. So we decided to roam the ancient streets of Valletta during the infamous maltese siesta having the beauty of Malta’s soft golden limestone as our playground for our shoot. 

On a sidenote
Why you should walk barefoot on your wedding day

We get the idea that you want to wear your beautiful bridal shoes during the official part of your wedding day. But why not roam around and actually feel what it’s like to walk on soil that has been walked on centuries ago? That’s exactly what Merve did and it just complemented the whole look of her as a bride.

Did you know that walking barefoot can decrease white blood cell count and increase red blood cell count, indicating a positive immune response? Now you do. Walking and dancing barefoot will literally boost your immune system making you even happier on your wedding day.

So we ended up being at the Upper Barakka Gardens located at the highest point on Valletta’s bastions to enjoy the breathtaking view of the only natural harbor in the Mediterranean, which keeps pulling you back once you’re visiting the most attractive landmark in the capital city of Malta.

The perfect wedding dress

And what can we say? That dress from Daria KarloziPollardi perfectly flattered the body of our beautiful bride Merve. Light, soft, and elegant. A wedding dress for hot summer days giving you maximum comfort and beauty. But see for yourself.

Can we go back please? We had so much fun during our creative session in Valletta. Meeting new people and places is by far the most beautiful time we can experience. Being able to travel the world together as soon to be husband and wife made us realize how fortunate we are to share the same dream by visualizing it with our photographs.

We know you love that dress and if you’ve come this far and think about getting married in Malta, you definitely don’t have to worry about your wedding memories anymore. Contact us and we’ll help you out by recommending venues, vendors and creating magic and stories which will be told to future generations.

Julie & Uwe

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