C & W | Montestigliano, Tuscany

23 May 2024
As photographers, we have the privilege of witnessing love stories unfold in some of the most picturesque locations, but Montestigliano, a charming Tuscan farm in the province of Siena, truly has it all.
"Julie & Uwe are the most incredible photographers and fantastic partners to work with. Best of all, they are warm-hearted, open and a breeze to collaborate with. Don't wait to reach out to them if you need photography for your special day!

We found their work online and were immediately captivated by their artistic, moody photographs but the true pleasure was just getting to be around them during our wedding events, a very special time for us. They are truly the embodiment of people you just want to be around. As with most wedding celebrations, we were incredibly busy and our attention was everywhere and both Julie and Uwe were always there whenever we needed them, and were extremely patient and guided us gently to make sure we got to capture all the beats and moments throughout the day - no regrets or missed moments whatsoever!

Not only that, they were constantly going above and beyond, from before we met them in person (being available for calls, extremely thorough questionnaire we completed beforehand), to during our first meeting (joining us for a walk around the property, capturing candids and generously sharing so many moments we never specified) to following up afterwards with highlights right away and checking in to make sure we are happy with the beautiful images they captured for us.

We could not be more thrilled with the end results - the wedding album of our dreams that I know we will come back to and hold dear for the rest of our lives."
Caroline & Will
Montestigliano, Tuscany

Montestigliano Wedding
Capturing Caroline & Will’s Perfect Day in Tuscany

Montestigliano is the perfect setting for a wedding, with its lovely villas, picturesque pool, and stunning views. This venue features beautiful alfresco interiors, ancient paintings, and breathtaking scenery. The top of the hill provides an incredible view of the Tuscan countryside and olive groves, making it an ideal spot for a perfect wedding ceremony in Tuscany.

Caroline and Will’s Montestigliano wedding festivities began with a delightful pizza party the day before their ceremony. The atmosphere was full of excitement as guests arrived, greeted by beautifully decorated tables with classic Italian tablecloths. Every detail added to the charm: the shadows of trees on the walls, blooming flowers, the scent of jasmine in the air, and the sound of gravel underfoot. Guests were thrilled, their eyes sparkling as they took in the view. Emotional speeches began, setting a heartfelt tone for the Montestigliano wedding weekend.

The Wedding Day
Emotions and Beauty in Tuscany

Caroline and Will’s wedding day was nothing short of magical. From the emotional vows exchanged amidst stunning views to the unexpected rain that gave way to a vibrant rainbow, every moment was a testament to their love. The day culminated in a breathtaking sunset that painted the sky in hues of orange and pink, casting a golden glow over the villa. Dinner was served beneath the shade of ancient trees, with the magnificent villa providing a stunning backdrop.

Candlelights and lightbulbs illuminated the evening, creating a fairy-tale ambiance as the full moon rose high in the sky. The night was filled with laughter, dancing, and heartfelt toasts, celebrating the union of the cutest couple we’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing

A Perfect Ending to a Perfect
Montestigliano Wedding Day

Caroline and Will’s wedding at Montestigliano was a beautiful reminder of why we love what we do. Capturing these precious moments, surrounded by the natural beauty of Tuscany, was an honor and a joy. Thank you, so much, for allowing us to be a part of your unforgettable day.

If you’re dreaming of a destination wedding in Italy, Montestigliano is a venue that promises not only breathtaking scenery but also an experience filled with love, joy, and memories that will last a lifetime. As photographers, we can’t recommend it highly enough.


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