Our love for the sea & our responsibility as destination wedding photographers

And why the rainforest does not produce 20% of our oxygen

Can you still remember the huge fires in the Amazon rainforest?

The whole world was rightly in an uproar. All news channels up to politicians or celebrities saw the worldwide oxygen content threatened and backed this up with the statement that the Amazon produces 20% of the worldwide oxygen.

Beautiful tropical rainforest.

There are many reasons to be concerned about the rainforest, but our oxygen is not one of them.

But let’s start from the beginning. How exactly does it work with the oxygen in our atmosphere? Here is a short overview:

Oxygen is produced by photosynthesis and the huge Amazon comes to our mind as the main producer. Understandable, because 1/3 of the entire photosynthesis happens in tropical forests and yet the oxygen produced annually is consumed again by living organisms and fires. Why?

Plants are constantly shedding dead leaves, branches and roots. This waste forms the basis for rich food for insects and microbes. Oxygen is consumed during this process. In addition, plants absorb oxygen from the atmosphere at night. Therefore, the net production of oxygen from forests is approximately zero.

Instead, our oceans are the lungs of our earth

Oxygen in the deep blue ocean.

Almost the entire supply of oxygen originates in the oceans: microscopic algae and bacteria produce vast amounts of oxygen, which has accumulated over millions of years to form the gigantic oxygen reservoir. If you want to know more about this, you can read or study the sources listed below.

But the ocean is not only important for our oxygen:

“We transport more than 90 percent of our goods across the ocean, our telecommunications run through it, we eat its fish, and we use it as a source of energy. The risk is very high for all of us to do a lot of damage through fishing, littering, and especially climate change.”

Prof. Anthe Boetius

But what exactly does all of this have to do with us as wedding photographers?

Well, we love water and especially the sea. Julie has been swimming since she was a little girl, a born water rat. Uwi first discovered his love for the sea in Australia. As we drove along the coast and towards summer, he had to jump into the water at every new stop: From bridges, over rocks or diving boards. Together we spent a lot of time by the sea, digging our toes into the finest sand and listening to the sound of the waves.

Little ocean wave during sunrise.

A lot of time has passed since then and let’s not kid ourselves for once: We as destination wedding photographers are aware of our responsibility and impact on our environment and therefore want to contribute with you to the preservation of this unique ecosystem.

It was a conscious decision against planting trees, because a tree needs a lot of time and love until it can pull enough CO2 and dirt out of the atmosphere. In addition, not every tree species stores the same amount of CO2 and monocultures are often grown, which are particularly susceptible to pest infestations or severe weather. And when we read that bogs can store much more CO2 than forests (the same principle as in the oceans, by the way), our decision was made:

Together with you, we would like to give something back and above all protect a habitat that is so important to us as humans, but which is under threat.

With each upcoming  booking we donate 100€ to the marine conservation organizations OceanCare or SeaSheperd – you have the choice.

Since 1989 OceanCare has been committed to the oceans and their inhabitants. Through its special involvement in international bodies, this organization takes concrete steps to improve living conditions in the world’s oceans.

Sea Shepherd, on the other hand, focuses on action and has thus carried out adventurous, breathtaking and mostly dangerous operations to protect the ocean ecosystem.

Whichever organization you choose, it is crucial that with your wedding we also do something for our Mother Earth. We know that this can only be a beginning, which is why, among other things, we will avoid using paper or recycled materials during our process as much as we can.

Let’s experience magical moments together and do something good at the same time!

We’re not perfect, but together we’re on a mission towards perfection.

Much love,
The Santoros

P.S.: If you still want to plant trees, you only have to use the search engine Eccosia. The Berlin-based company grows trees from the profits of its advertisements. Super easy.

Street that runs through a lush and super green forest.


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