acid free archival paper

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The Santoros Wedding Album

Everything we can to offer a first class wedding album

The Santoros Wedding Album

lives more than 1000 years



The Santoros Wedding Album

acid free archival paper

fine art wedding albums

lives more than 1000 years

The power of physical touch

3 reasons why it's important to print


The Santoros Wedding Album

There's nothing quite like browsing through a hand-bound fine art wedding album: reliving and touching your own wedding from Getting Ready to the party. Turning page after page through an album that means the world to you without having to look at a artificial screen.

Clouds aren't forever


Do you actually remember MySpace? In 2019, it was announced that all photos, videos, and audio from 2003-2016 were lost. Luckily, our grandparents didn't use MySpace, because otherwise we wouldn't have any memories to hold in our hands.

Your grandchildren will thank you


These memories are made to be printed and brought to life in the hands of your loved ones.

Your wedding is a unique story that deserves to be told for centuries to come. Anyone who has had the privilege of browsing through their parents' or grandparents' albums or looking at the beautiful pictures on their walls knows how precious these memories are. Your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will then be able to touch these pictures and hold them in their hands, just like you.


Because It’s all about the feeling we leave our clients with.

"When I was thinking about how I want these albums, books and boxes to be made, my first wish was that they were produced by artisans that share my passion for accuracy and attention to details. I wanted them to aspire to make every single product to last, to make it beautiful, to make it excellent. There was one more wish I had – that we never stop searching for better and more environment-friendly ways to produce albums that store your most valuable memories."

Iva Novak - founder and creator of Kalá albums

Wedding Album - The Santoros

Wedding albums printed in a romantic and timeless way

our promise to ourselves was to deliver an outstanding, handcrafted and eco-friendly wedding album that's meant to be shown to generations to come.

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