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HEY WE'RE the santoros

Our only rule is to show people how

beautiful they are.

Traveling all over europe from germany

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The unique and authentic way to tell your story.

love is the answer.

Destination Wedding Photographer

"We inspire each other, bring twice the energy and good vibes and photograph your day in a unique way through both our perspectives."

what's different?

There's quite something about capturing the magic between lovers and artfully returning it with our photographs. We just preserve these special moments for you: That feeling of having arrived, of security and freedom. Evidence of your love that shows you have lived and loved relentlessly. While you celebrate accordingly, we will carefully collect these happy memories. From start to finish as an invincible team for you.

authentic, raw and unposed

Ciao, we are The Santoros

Our story began as a high school couple and now we are living our dream as photographers capturing weddings & elopements around the world.
We are dreamers, globetrotters and storytellers with hearts wide open for your love, your story and a great time together. We firmly believe in a deep connection between two lovers and can't wait to give you the best experience ever!

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Destination Wedding Photographer

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For natural & modern lovers.

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Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming. After several years working with bridal couples, it was time to put all our experience and tips together. Don't miss out on this FREE GUIDE and take your wedding to the next level!

Wedding Photographer Europe

Europe Wedding Photographers

100% recommendation.

Photographers who do it noticeably from the heart!!

Especially on the day of the wedding: the most beautiful moments captured, although they were somehow invisible and at the same time so pleasant.

Julie & Uwe are simply an unbeatable team and managed to make us cry even after the wedding through the pictures AND the video. Such indescribable memories that are 100% authentic. So worth it.

Because of you we have pictures and memories forever!!


so, i love you

because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.

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Everything great starts with a hello.

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