Plan Your Dream Positano Wedding: An Ultimate Guide to Positano Wedding Venues

Positano, otherwise called ‘a piece of heaven on earth’ is a perfect location for planning your fairytale wedding. Here are some of the most beautiful and breathtaking wedding venues along the serene coast of the Positano sea to host your dream wedding 

A real treasure on the Amalfi coast, Positano was once a small village. It is now one of the most luxurious and famous resorts in Italy. It is admired and treasured for its wonderful and awe-inspiring nature enhanced by the colorful houses decorated with majolica and lining the beautiful shore of the Positano sea. Once you set your eyes on its beautiful shores, exquisite villas, and romantic boat sides, it will be impossible for you to think of any other place to host your wedding. 

Find the Best Spot for Your Positano Wedding 

Positano is situated in the most enchanted location overlooking the gorgeous Amalfi coast. Hidden in the beautiful valleys stretching into the splendid and serene coastline, Positano is simply the most romantic and entrancing location for your elopement and wedding photography. 

The legend says that this beautiful valley was created by Poseidon, the god of the sea. Some say that the first ever existence of this town comes from ancient Roman documents. The town has it all; history, romance, and nature. Its amazing beauty and enchanting trance draw hundreds of couples to the town every wedding season to make their dreams come true. The wedding season always brings an air of love and romance to this ancient town –this is where the magic happens.

Types of Positano Wedding Venues 

Positano offers you everything. It is a magnificent strip of coastline for your perfect Italy wedding. It offers turquoise and Calm Ocean on one side and breathtakingly dramatic cliffs of the Lattari Mountains on the opposite side. Simply put, the ancient town of Positano is one of the most cherished places in Italy to celebrate your wedding day. 

From romantic rental boat rides and rustic farmhouses to exquisite villas and serene beaches, Positano has alternative options for every taste and type 

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Here are some of the major types of wedding venues that you can find along the gorgeous and historically rich town of Positano 

Villa Venues 

The gorgeously furnished villas in Positano are the hallmark of architectural brilliance. Positano villas are eloquently decorated with the natural magnificence of the historical valley, overlooking the tranquil water of the sea flowing alongside the colorfully decorated houses standing on top of each other. If you have been thinking about a magical villa wedding in the beautiful village of Positano, then there are plenty of options that you can choose from. To make it easier for you, we have curated this list of our handpicked best villas in Positano to make your wedding unforgettable. 

villatreville - the santoros - Positano Wedding

Villa Treville

Have you ever dreamed of getting married surrounded by the luxuries of a five-star hotel looking over an exceptional landscape of breathtaking beauty? Of course, you have! We all have daydreamed about a luxurious wedding. Well now is the time to bring it to reality: find your private Eden at Villa Treville.  Positano and its colored houses dotted along the coastline don’t only have a glamorous view but the town is also extremely high-end. The villa is more like a home than a hotel with all the amenities one could wish for. It has a secreted clubhouse only accessible to restricted guests and yacht club members. You can seat your guests outdoors enveloped by the stunning view of dramatic mountains and turquoise water. The villa also has a perfect reception hall at the back with a lush garden and manicured lawns that can accommodate more than 200 guests for a luxuriously catered meal. At Villa Treville, you will have no restrictions on how you want to set up your wedding ceremony. Make all your dreams come true at this luxurious and plush villa perfect for a dream destination wedding. 

villasangiacomo - the santoros - Positano Wedding

Villa San Giacomo 

This heritage villa is set amongst the beautiful backdrop of Positano offering guests all the comforts and luxuries of a five-star hotel. The historic eighteenth-century villa overlooks the beautiful natural landscape of hills and deep blue shores. It is alive with ancient tradition and mesmerizing architecture that will hold your gaze. This is the perfect place for you to get married if you have been looking for a destination wedding venue that can offer you a story of ancient history and the glamor of the most luxurious amenities. Villa San Giacomo has it all; from an astonishing outdoor ceremonial setting to lush green gardens. 

Moreover, the beautifully manicured gardens of Villa San Giacomo feature bougainvillea, lemon, and orange trees. The stunning 300 square meters of white-washed terraces allow you and your guests to enjoy spectacular sunsets and wonderful vistas. You can enjoy other amenities like a swimming pool, lush gardens, and a luxurious kitchen where your cook will provide you with delicious and catered meals. To summarize, Villa San Giacomo is a heaven where you can enjoy some of the most beautiful days of your life without any stress in the world. 

villaoliviero - the santoros - Positano Wedding

Villa Oliviero

Villa Oliviero is a spectacular gem situated amongst the serene cliff tops overlooking the Mediterranean. This historic villa was built in 1400 CE and boasts a splendid coastal residence offering a perfect backdrop of the islands of Galli. Just a walking distance from the town center, this place is where the generations-old inspiration of artist and poets have ignited. Truly artistic and exceptional, Villa Oliviero is the most magical place to tie the knot with your partner.  Villa Oliviero is situated at the very heart of the Amalfi coast surrounded by the ancient charm of the town. 

It offers luxurious and high-end amenities like a swimming pool following the natural contours of the rocks, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a steam room, and a gym. Despite the luxurious amenities and delightful view from the rustic terraces, this place is also filled with the warmth and comfort of age-old traditions. The poolside kitchen, pizza oven, and cozy indoor TV lounge are also accompanied by lush interiors with high ceilings and an exquisite view from the balconies.

villamagiapositano - the santoros - Positano Wedding

Villa Magia

Originally built as a watch tower in the 18th century, villa Magia is perched high above the beaches of Positano. Currently set in the historic and splendid building, Villa Magia offers luxurious boutique accommodation to the guests with bespoken services in a gorgeous sea view location. Villa Magia is one of a kind along the popular Amalfi coast being one of the few wedding venues that can be accessed from the very center of the historic town. 

Villa Magia is one of the oldest buildings along the Positano coast offering unhindered views overlooking the terrific Mediterranean. It has large indoor and outdoor spaces providing you will the privacy of a luxury villa along with exclusive services. The villa is located on three different levels providing easy access from the street as well as the Fornillo and Spiaggia Grande beaches. This easy access allows you and your guests to take ferries from the beach and explore other enchanting towns along the Amalfi coast. And above all, the villa offers all the amenities you can wish for including 24-hour reception, daily housekeeping, a bar, and a restaurant with exquisitely made traditional and local cuisines. 

Merope - the santoros - Positano Wedding

Villa Merope

Are you looking for a luxurious wedding venue to enjoy a quiet intimate weekend away with your family? If yes, then Villa Merope is the perfect destination wedding venue for you to make your special day even more magical. The stunning 6-bedroom rental villa is captured by the unforgettable charm of the Amalfi coast. Consisting of three stunning floors, Villa Merope features traditional décor and historical art pieces. The villa has a gorgeous Vietri ceramic floor and heirloom antiques. 

One of the most amazing things about Villa Merope is the 2,200 sq-ft panoramic terrace with a luxurious swimming pool to spend your quality time. The amazing alfresco dining area is perfect for you to host a beautiful feast and a reception. The villa itself is a picture-perfect location that features amazing views from the sea to the sky.

villa-franca-hotel - the santoros - Positano Wedding

Villa Franca 

A dream place situated between the vast sky and peaceful sea, Hotel Franca is perched on hills amidst the craggy hilltops and the stunning Mediterranean Sea. The idyllic destination represents Italy at its ravishing with access to two of the most stunning beaches in Positano. Villa Franca is a dream location for anyone to celebrate their love. 

Hotel Venues 

Positano has some of the most lavish and luxurious hotels featuring delicious catered food and a backdrop of your dreams.

palazzomurat - the santoros - Positano Wedding

Palazzo Murat Le Sirenuse

Palazzo Murat is one of the most picturesque spots in Positano. The lavish hotel is situated amidst the Piazzetta Dei Mulini and Spiaggia Grande, at the heart of the old town. The hotel can be reached easily through gorgeous boutiques and shops on the traditionally and culturally rich streets of the Amalfi towns.  This unique hotel is alive through the restoration of the seventieth-century villa and features eloquently furnished art pieces and heirlooms giving it a lot of character. The period furniture adorning its indoors and its extraordinary location surrounded by a stunning botanical garden make Palazzo Murat an unforgettable experience. 

marincanto - the santoros - Positano Wedding

Hotel Marincanto

An absolute gem for a perfect destination wedding in Positano, Hotel Marincanto is a four-star hotel along the beautiful Mediterranean shores. It is built in the very heart of the colorful town, whose streets are filled with art, music, and magic. Assessable by the charming staircase that descends to the hotel’s very own private beach side.  The rooms are exquisitely furnished to fit all tastes and offer modern amenities enhancing your experience at the lavish hotel. The rooms also have exclusive access to the beautiful terrace offering a panoramic view of the stunning bay of Positano. And above all, the hotel opens into the central beach as well as the heart of the town where guests can explore beautiful shops and the romantic nightlife of the magical town.

bucadibacco - the santoros - Positano Wedding

Hotel Buca Di Bacco

Framed by the rocky hills and sandy beaches, hotel Buca Di Bacco is located just above the Positano Marina Grande. What makes this hotel a perfect Positano wedding destination is its splendid Tyrrhenian Sea view and a luxurious breakfast buffet featuring authentic traditional Italian cuisines to treat your taste buds. The restaurants specialize in Amalfi coast cuisines and delicious fresh fish dishes giving your guests an ultimate culinary treat. The amazing sea view provides you with a perfect backdrop for your dreamy and magical photographs. The guests will have fun enjoying a luxurious dinner and enjoying the magical air of Buca Di Bacco. 

leagavi -  the santoros Positano Wedding

Hotel Le Agavi 

Le Agavi is the perfect destination for you if you wish to plan an unforgettable wedding. The five-star hotel has a heated pool, a splendid view of the coastal bay, and two restaurants where the property’s Michelin-star chef serves you Italy’s finest and authentic cuisines. 

The best time to plan a wedding in Positano is from March to October. The air is much warmer and sunnier, welcoming couples to its serene beauty. Be it a luxurious reception, rustic farmhouse, or romantic elopement wedding; the santoros is your ultimate solution for majestic wedding photography. 

Capture the magic of your special day at Positano 

Pictures make you relive and revive the memories that you cherish the most; as photographers, we understand the significance of capturing the magic of your wedding day. This is the reason why we are always on the trail to explore stunning wedding venues all across Europe searching for a magical backdrop for your dream day. We help couples preserve their special moments most magically – Contact us today to receive a tailored proposal for your special celebration.

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